We had always liked the U shaped rear lounge in our old Swift Kontiki, but we realised that if we wanted to access the rear doors that this would not be an option.  The beauty of having a van for me is being able to get long lengths of wood pipes etc into the vehicle and I still wanted to retain that usefulness, as I am always up to something or other.

 I wanted this van to be as multi purpose as possible, like being able to drive it to work when I want, as well as go shopping in it, or for a cup of tea on an afternoon out, or go away for a couple of weeks on holiday and still be able to nip in the builders merchants and fetch an 8x 4 sheet if I want.

The missus and I set out to make a scale plan, so we tried to scale everything down on graph paper, and then cut out our toilet /shower unit our kitchen unit etc and then place them on the plan of the interior of the vehicle, this way you can try your layouts, and get an idea how things will be.

We decided to go with the bed across the vehicle at the rear, which is only possible in our van because I am only 5ft 8in which I think is the biggest you can comfortably be in a 6ft gap, any bigger and you will have to fit your bed a different way.

This turned out well, as the first summer I ended working away from home and lived in the van for 3 months, and as I was alone I was able to leave the bed made up, which saved a whole lot of bother of having to fold everything up each morning.


Think as much through as you can,

         where are you going to want your lights?

         are you going to use 12volt 240volt or both?

         If you are going to fit trunking where will it go

         if you use 12v you will need a leisure battery where will you fit it?

         What size battery will you need for your purpose

         Also charging this battery from the vehicle when on the move

         If you have 240v will need to fit a consumer unit with the trip switches.

         How many plug sockets to fit and where

         Where you fit your accessories relates to where your cables should run.

         Where are you going to run your water pipes

         Where is your onboard watertank going to reside if you are fitting one

         Where is the toilet /shower going to be placed

         Where do the waste water pipes run

         Do you fit a waste tank or carry a portable onewhat size for  


The more of the questions you can answer the easier and quicker your conversion will be.

 I know that some of you will not be fitting toilets showers and water tanks, and you will only need to take the information that is relative to your own conversion, but I will list everything that I did on my conversion for those that want the Full Monty!


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