Please read the disclaimer, this site is a documentation of my conversion of my own van,

Welcome to this documentation of my LDV Maxus  conversion. I hope you will find it interesting and useful to you if you are planning or doing one yourself.


From this above to this below

You might say I was lucky in the fact that I already had a van to convert, having worked as a parcel courier, so I didn't have to make a choice of vehicle.

I have a 2005 LDV Maxus which had at the point of conversion done 68,000 miles, so only just run in.

I see by the forums on the web that not very many people like the Maxus, Well I do, I find it a nice van to drive quite economical for its size returning 28- 35 mpg and a reasonable amount of power at 95psi although if I had the chance I would have bought the 120psi.

The following pages follow my process of the build, unfortunately I lost a lot of pictures last year when my computer crashed, but I hope the ones I have salvaged will be able to show quite well the process.

I decided that I wanted a vehicle that looked like it was a factory conversion and I think that I have achieved that.



Campervan Conversions


I show you how I converted my van into a campervan / motorcaravan with

pictures and video explanations and free advice of the short cuts I have found

during my conversion experience




fitting the roof vents

fitting side windows




overhead lockers

seats / bed



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